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Dear Fellow Clinician,

The 7th Season of “Medanta Echo n Cardiology: Today & Tomorrow” awaits you in April 2018, the theme of the u`pcoming meeting is “Cardiology in India: The Heart of the Matter”. The conference will give you key messages to take caregiving to the next level.

This scientific feast is a unique amalgam of the newer frontiers in imaging, clinical science, debates, quizzes and bread-and-butter cardiology. The new format will allow more interactive time with the internationally renowned and nationally revered faculty.

In the plethora of Conferences, Seminars, Conclaves, Meetings et al that you encounter every month throughout the length and breadth of this great land you will find this meeting of minds a truly inspiring experience- two days of sheer nuance of Cardiology.


Dr. Naresh Trehan

Conference Chairman
Dr. Ravi R. Kasliwal

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